More about the Founder + A Naked Truth Moment

Hey Chocolate Nurses 
I'm blessed to see the growth of our Chocolate Nurse Crew. I wanted to share a little about me:
I'm from Rochester, New York where I lived until relocating to North Carolina in 2008. I'm married and my husband and I have eight children between us.
I graduated from North Carolina Central University in 2020  earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the young age of 41(It's NEVER too late).
I've been working at a hospital on a Medical Surgical Telemetry/COVID unit for the past year. I'm still a baby nurse but I'm out of diapers and I can walk a few steps without falling👶🏽👩🏽‍⚕️
I love being near water as it calms me and gives me peace.
My faith in God keeps me grounded and helps me get through life's challenges🙏🏽
Naked truth moment: I struggle with anxiety and the stress of the past year caused me to scratch the edges of my hair completely bald 😳Now if you know anything about black women, you know that we don't play about our edges lol.
I'm in a better place now, learning how to handle my anxiety by letting go of what's beyond my control and pouring my focus into other things like my relationships with family and friends, as well as Chocolate Nurse. Oh and I'm happy to report my edges are making a comeback!😉
Welcome to the Chocolate Nurse Crew! Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated!
Katrina Blackmon, BSN, RN, Chief Chocolate Nurse🤎