Welcome to Chocolate Nurse!

Welcome! I am Katrina Blackmon, founder of Chocolate NursešŸ¤ŽĀ 

I started my journey in healthcare straight out of high school and enrolled in an LPN program. Although I was very successful in school,Ā  I was not able to pass the NCLEX after several attempts. So I put my dream of becoming a nurse on the back burner and worked as a nursing assistant and served in that role for 11 years, with the last 4 yearsĀ working dually as aĀ unit secretary.

Desiring a change, but wanting stay in healthcare, I worked as a Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring Technician and served in that role for 8 years before enrolling in nursing school. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May of 2020. I'm currently employed at a hospital on a Medical Surgical Telemetry/COVID unit.

The road was long and bumpy with a lot of set backs and obstacles but my faith and belief that I would be a nurse never wavered. If I had focused on how difficult the path was going to be, I'd still have my feet planted in the same spot I started in. Although my original plan did not line up with my actual pathway, the journey was necessary and part of God's plan for my life.

Remember being delayed does not mean that you are denied. Keep pushing, believe in yourself, and know that you can do it!

Welcome to the Chocolate Nurse family! Your Support Is Appreciated!



Katrina Blackmon, BSN, RN, Chief ChocolateĀ NursešŸ¤Ž